I had great plans for Monday, none of which involved a debilitating migraine. I’m not sure what happened but i was throughly destroyed last night, so there was no comprehensive and well thought out site update as was planned in the former post. And before you question “is there anything that is well-thought-out on this site?” I say to you, “well, yes you have a very good point.”

But I digress. I think the cranial onslaught was brought on by a lack of sleep, champagne, Redbull, pickled salmon, driving in the D/FW area, the D/FW area in general and making a midnight run down I-35 to attend to our wee, defenseless dog. I’m not sure which is worse for your health, The Redbull or I-35 on memorial day weekend at 1 am.

Of course, I should have taken Mildred’s advice.

Mildred was seated across from Ali, Patti and I at the reception for the wedding we were attending in Arlington. She is silver-haired, 95 years young, the classic midwestern grandmother.

I drove in from Central Kansas,” she said picking at the fish course, a little unsure of the method of preparation that would leave salmon that particular color and consistency. “I drove in and met my daughter in Oklahoma city…it’s a long ways through Kansas, I just get sleepy so fast.”
“I had the problem on my last run through Kansas, too,” I said, trying to prop up the conversation a little longer. “Not a lot to see, you just kind of have to power through.”

“Well, now, one of my friends at the coffee shop gave me a tip for that,” she said. “Whenever i get tired now, I just pull over at a truck stop and get me some of that no-doze. Not only do i make into Oklahoma City alright, but I’m ready to go honky-tonk dancing when i get there.”

Clearly, i’ve got the wrong strategy. If Mildred can take half-a-lethal dose of caffeine at 95, I can as well. I bet she cuts a mean rug too.