My second-cousin-once-removed’s trained parrot (named Charlie), who can sing “Jesus Loves Me,” all by itself, is clearly smarter than Sarah Palin.

My impression of Palin – blah blah blah blah Regan, Russia, blah blah blah blah, John McCain, hockey mom, blah blah blah.

Update2: This flowchart gives us some insight into the high-end decision making processes involved in the debate.

Update3: For those of you that noticed the typo on ‘parrot,’ thank you. Sadly, my cousin does not have a singing-fortune-telling card (although that would be cool). I apologize for the error –  I was at the bar, using my phone to post and more concerned about shouting at the television than correct spelling.

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  1. wadeferd
    wadeferd says:

    Valid point – also forgotten: ‘Washington Insider,’ ‘energy’ and of course ‘ALASKA.’ Fucking hell, lets go back in time and undo letting that state in the Union, just so we don’t have to put up with this horseshit…

  2. dad
    dad says:

    Not to mention:

    And, donchaknowit, the Rep right just wet their pants every time she winked at us.


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