Dear Crimson Wave Riders,

Man what a terrible name. Last night you did some pretty neat stuff politically. You apparently won with a write in candidate in Alaska. You took back the house. You used a mess of legal voodoo to allow non-profits to match the fund-raising levels of your rivals (something that’s going to bite all us NGO’s in the ass, I think). You made me drink a lot of red wine and throw things at the Television (this is not really all that hard). Most improbably, you made an electorate believe that you were the party to change the course of government, even though over the past 18 months you’ve been unwilling to compromise on a single goddamn thing that would be good for the country.

But that’s neither here nor there. Your stonewalling policy worked, and applaud you for it in the same fashion I applaud when disaster movies smash up our cities and national monuments. Now though, you have a serious challenge: governing. Not campaigning, not raising money, not sound-biting, governing.

Lets see how you do. You’ll pardon my skepticism though if I have my doubts as to how applicable your current resumes (‘once filibustered 27 bills’) are to problems like the economy, immigration, election reform, etc.

Best of luck.