Drill Baby Drill

This is what kills me about this oil spill. No one gives a flying shit about the gulf coast, but now as it looks like it might get into the big currents out there, the rest of the country is actually paying attention.  God forbid the filth wash-up in Florida where all the retired baby-boomers will have to cancel their Cialis fueled walks on the beach, or  even worse the east coast. Lets panic now, since before it was you know, just the gulf. It’s the same thing with the offshore drilling – no way would we sully the East coast with our energy needs – oil rigs, wind farms or otherwise, we’ll just do it in the gulf, cause you know its not as pretty, not as wealthy and the hurricanes come in every year and beat the crap out of it anyhow.

Hope you guys enjoy not eating fish for the next few years.

To be clear here, I acknowledge the necessity of the offshore rigs (in our albeit screwball energy strategy), it’s just prevailing attitudes of non-concern about the environmental impacts of this that really chaps my hide. Also the idea that no one thought something this bad could ever happen? Please.  I’m sure BP has a room of guys sitting around dreaming up zombie-apocalypse- equivalent events for oil rigs, and how to either work around them or account for just enough safety to pacify those in charge.  Deep within the bowels of BP this exact scenario is in a file somewhere.

At the end of the day though, this mess belongs to everyone who drove to work this morning, myself included.

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