Pour one on the ground for the departed. Yesterday, my ibook G4 went to live on the farm so to speak – my mom will now be using him for non-processor intensive tasks like email and making playlists for her ipod. The little guy had been with me since 2004, making him my longest-lived computer to-date. He survived a broken trackpad, a fried motherboard, a lightning strike that cooked the power daughter-board, a busted hard drive, several road trips, the great domestic realignment of 2007, numerous flights and the accompanying trip through the x-ray machine, a blizzard, several moves, and of course my clumsy ass.

Stay well little fella.

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  1. brian
    brian says:

    gone away like so many great things in our lives…the wall at chalet, the Cherokee, The T-racer, the wooden boat rack for the T-racer, Germs first blue ikea couch..our hope, our dreams ahh fuck it…

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