Got No Cable, Missed the Memo

Traveling last week brought something to my attention that had been off the radar for quite a while. Cable TV – specifically cable news.

I mostly read my news. I cross reference between multiple sites. If the New York Times reports something I usually pop over to the BBC to get their British take on the thing (they’re just so damn sensible). I pretty rarely get TV news because while we have a cable modem, we have no cable TV. Oh the irony.

Anyhow, trapped in hotel room for four days with no internet and unable to sleep due to the previously mentioned unfortunate placement of room 801, I got a fair dose of the way most Americans get their news. BE AFRAID! Due to my reading of multiple, non mainstream media sources, apparently I missed the memo that CNN, MSNBC and FOX NEWS have been blasting into the American psyche for the last few years – the world is ending, beginning at democratic party headquarters near you.

I’d actually love to write more but Wolfe Blitzer just told me I need to vote Republican and support unjustified wars in the Middle East in order be a true American. So I’m off to change my party affiliation (apparently I live in a red state) in order to prevent the downfall of the American way. I’ll let that pinko bastard Jon Stewart expound about what I’m trying to get at.

Click the giant play button and be enlightened.

Via: VideoSift