Hippy Wade

We used to be known as hippie-wade. I don’t think its all the way justified, but I do recycle, buy organic peanut butter and vote a left-leaning ticket (the peanut butter in particular making me the pinko-commie of my particular crowd).

Recently though, hippie-wade has had a few blows to the self image. First I moved to Clarksville, leaving the mother-womb of all things hippy, south Austin. Then there was the Blackberry. Then I got the Wagon detailed. Then the 40″ HD-TV appeared in my living room. Then I amazed all my friends by not only eating meat, but being able to grill it with a marginal amount of skill.

Thus the image has suffered. So when I’m at the grocery store, presented with a plethora of options in the sanitary tissue (toilet paper) department, I see a brand offering naturally-whitened, no-bleach, fully recycled paper. Very eco-friendly. Very hippie wade. I throw it in the cart, thinking how bad could it be ?

If anyone is looking, you’ll find hippie-wade’s corpse in the dumpster out behind my apartment, along with 15.95 rolls of Eco-friendly toilet-paper.

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