Me: Guys this is really weird, but my computer slows down really
drastically around three-in-the afternoon each day.

Techsupport: That’s not possible. It just seems like that.

Me: Uh, well seriously, I try and open Photoshop and it takes like five minutes.
It’s been doing it ever since you guys installed that windows desktop search thing.

Techsupport: Well, the search tool has to index in the afternoon.
Try running lees applications at once.

Me: Couldn’t we just turn it off (Muffled rage, crushing phone)?

Techsupport: You need to be able to search your computer.

Me: Even If I can’t use my computer (setting Dell-tower on fire)?

TechSupport: You still need to be able to search your computer.

Me: What if we just got me a Mac instead (throwing flaming Dell down the stairs) ?

TechSupport: Macs would be too difficult for us to support.