I can tell I’m getting old and cranky because the youth of tomorrow, namely the bright and chipper group of college students sitting across from me, annoy the hell out of me. Their shinny optimism, their over-inflated sense of self-worth, the idea that they might someday make a difference in the world, their highly audible lack of musical knowledge (It’s the Red Hot Chil Peppers – Under the Bridge…the song is not that old for christ’s sake) makes me look forward to the day corporate america crushes their spirt so resoundingly, they’ll be capable of nothing but poorly executing the menial tasks assigned to them by uncaring supervisors, and furthermore barely capable of navigating a modern automobile that practically drives itself 30-minutes up the freeway to said dead-end job that has no influence on the world whatsoever.

Or maybe their lives will be great.

Oh shit, they just broke into song. Goose punch us out….

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  1. SRT
    SRT says:

    I could say welcome to my world but your snot-nosed whippersnappers
    of my day thought ABBA and Air Supply were the musical pinnacle.

    As Stan Lee used to say: Nuff Said.

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