Some observations….

Somehow, despite paying the Texas Department of Public Safety ten bucks for them to mail me a new drivers license and additionally, waiting on-hold for thirty minutes, it looks like I still don’t have a card with an updated address. I will additionally be forced to pay another ten bucks at the local DPS office, for another new license, just so the DPS knows where to find me. Bureaucracy is awesome.


Looks like we’re continuing in our mission to promote democracy and freedom abroad by continuing to provide aide to Pakistan.

Police armed with tear gas and clubs attacked thousands of protesting lawyers in the city of Lahore today, and rounded up lawyers in other cities as the government of the Pakistani president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, faced the first signs of concerted resistance to the imposition of emergency rule.

I’m sure we’re all shocked and surprised. Really.

Saturday morning we departed for a mildly epic ride up the green belt form barton springs. It was early and the chaos of children’s birthday parties and pot-smoke-clouded drum circles hadn’t reached fevered pitch quite yet. By the pool entrance, there was a clown in full make-up and costume, bag of potential balloon animals at his side, clearly hating life, smoking a cigarette. A strange picture.

Every year I bitch. Every year it falls back an hour, making it dark as the arctic circle in January by the time I get off work in the afternoon.