Never Trust the British

We tried out Chucos Tacos downtown this weekend. We were standing ta the counter, placing our order and i became entangled in the age-old questions that has puzzled great thinkers since the time of the Greeks: A burrito or two tacos ? I figured what the hell, I’m leaning towards tacos, but we’ll ask the girl at the counter, which she prefers here.

“Oh, i like the tacos because they’re easier to eat,” she responds in her prissy little, very British, i can’t-believe-have to-talk-to-you-savages, much less work in this mongrel country, voice. “I’m English, we weren’t taught to eat with our hands, so I use a knife and fork.”

And you’re working at a Mexican food restaurant ?

Clearly you are out of your element. Needless to say I got the burrito. For me though, it’s really brought home the point that we need to solve this immigration problem fast–we can’t have the British coming in here and corrupting something as fundamentally American as mexican food with their horrible knives and forks. Call your congressman.