New Years ‘03, ‘04, ‘05

Growing up, Christmas was always the big holiday, a tradition I carried forth into my college years. Usually I would be pretty chill on New Years, laying low, recovering from the ardors of eating and drinking entirely too much at Christmas.

Three years ago this changed. I hoped in the car with my soon-to-be wife, her best friend and a couple other buddies and
made the 10-hour drive to Hueco tanks for new years, where we proceeded to climb for 5 hours party for three, got to bed at 11 p.m. (we observed the new year in the central-timezone), and drove home the next day.

The ’04 New years saw us at a fantastic party in Austin at Sally’s ranch. There was a lot of bonfire, a lot of champagne and an absurd amount of fuzzy pictures.

This year we got really stupid.(see the pics) The party was at the same venue and served as a house warming party for sally’s amazing new house. There was a band. There was good breakfast and bloody mary’s. We also built the aforementioned trebuchet, which despite our best attempts is still in working order, capable of flinging a pumpkin several hundred yards.

These new traditions are a good thing. I’m curious what next year will bring.