In an unprecedented move of NOT nominating someone with high negatives, Democrats in Iowa have pushed Obama to the front of the the ongoing political menage a trois. If Middle-America can elect a black man with a muslim name, we may yet get out of this crazy hand basket we’ve been riding in for the past eight years. And the ‘change’ message is nice and all, but lets face it, that sans-serif typeface they’re using is what’s really driving people to the polls (or maybe that’s just me).

Oh yeah, and that other party went for another white guy who likes to shoot at people. Nice trend guys.

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  1. darksahmbo
    darksahmbo says:

    so we vote ina flip flopper who can’t make a stand about anything?

    we deserve better choices…all are bad…

  2. darksahmbo
    darksahmbo says:

    republican no….tired of hoping that the next guy is going to ” make a stand in office” but can’t make a stand for anything before he even get’s there…..is just exhausting

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