Oh Kay…

The staying in the Senate till you know if you’re going to get the governor gig, I get. It’s a dick move (see what i did there?), but the job market’s tough, and I’m sure losing that sweet Senate health insurance would be a real bummer. What I don’t understand is why anyone in their right-mind would want Dick Cheney’s endorsement, short of trying to get a subcontractor gig on the building of the next Death Star.

I’ve known Kay for many, many years. Most recently we’ve worked together over the last eight years while I was vice president and she was of course the senator from Texas, and part of the Senate Republican leadership.

At least from a PR perspective, I would’ve thought that we would’ve recognized those last eight years of failed foreign policy, draconian economics, and general road to wrack and ruin as not the best thing to reference in an endorsement speech, but hey, maybe that’s why I’m not a Republican.