Oh wow, Rick…

It’s not often you get to see a person implode live on national television – but wow. Really, I’d like to thank the GOP, Fox News and the Tea Party – your insistence that Rick Perry is a viable candidate – I guess be because he illegally shoots wild life while jogging –  may have just taken our eternal governor, he-who’s-hair-must-be-coifed, and shown him the slightly chared exit to the governor’s mansion.

But the Texas Job Miracle, the education reform, the balanced budget, that stand-up to Washington attitude? Here, Republican friends, who i respect and admire for your misguided fiscal conservitude, your ironic efforts to shrink government while piling money on the single largest consumer of tax dollars (defense) and your repeated beseeching of the country folk (who in all honesty are probably more liberal than you think) – here I give you…information.

The worst part of the probably-kaput-campaign: Not just the inevitable number of Aggie jokes that will come out of this, but once again Texas is represented by jingoistic, reactionary politician that represent a very small percentage to the Texans I know.

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