On sixth…

This why I hate seeing shows at Emo’s. Doors at 8PM really means the band you paid to see goes on at 11:30, so when you show up to get your tickets at will call, you’re stuck with an hour and a half to burn.

At least the people watching is good. Everything from hoods to frat-girls. I don’t come down here very often. It’s too crowded, too overpriced and too hard to park.But, all that aside, it’s the bourbon street of Austin.There’s always something good to see. There’s a pulse that runs down old Pecan street (6th) that even the out-of-towners in their Dockers and tucked-in-shirts are drawn here. A raw, vibrant, communal hallucination (to borrow a little William Gibson) that draws us in to a random stretch of former hill country river valley. Dotcom-geeks meet musicians, meet the tourists, who ride the pedi-cabs, who’s drivers mix with the bartenders, who hang with the guy who runs Braut-stand, who’s cousin owns the club, who all know the 60-year-old ladies, standing in front of the bar, their Virgina Ultra-slim-190’s swinging from their lips like the tower-cranes that ring downtown.

Yeah, it’s a little weird. We like it that way.

(Just a note: I did this post from my phone, so be patient, all the typos will be corrected later.)