On the High Seas

The following is a conversation with an ill-advised friend of mine.

friend: You think I should buy a house boat, instead of a regular house ?

me: No.

friend: Come on its be a great idea…

me: No it’s not…

friend: We could go out on the high seas. Actually if you’re going to spend the money I guess I should just get sail boat and live on that.

me: You don’t know who to sail.

friend: It’s probably like learning how to kayak, just get in the water and you’ll figure it out

me: Dude I don’t think that’s a good idea. Kayaking wasn’t supposed to be like that either.

friend: Dammit fatwade, we’ll be fine. We get into to trouble we’ll just get Germ’s dad (who works for BP) to send out some tankers or something to pick us up.

Dear god.