It’s an odd thing to sell your home. You fill out a bunch of papers, sign your name less time than you need to on a lease, get a check and your out the door. This should evoke a lot of deep-seated emotions of sadness, loss, wondering about the future etc.

Or you can hop on a plane and go get blisteringly drunk on the lower-east side. Yup, instead of spending my memorial day weekend pouting about the unplanned realignment of the Nation de Wade’s Domestic Agenda, I went to New York city for the first time. Some observations…

Your first night in the city, regardless of your arrival time, it is apparently necessary to drink. A lot. To facilitate this process for late arrivals I was introduced to a Sparks, which near as I can tell, is the basic ingredients of Redbull and malt liquor. That’s how we kicked off – how it ended isn’t really fir for public discourse, but I’m glad the last stop for the evening was the bar in Kendra’s basement.

Stop One
Coffee for under $1 and cool guy working the counter named Ignacio, who my sister inexplicably calls Adrian.

Dash Dogs
“When a fat man behind a counter recommends something, you should always trust him. There’s a reason he got that way” Pineapple Chutney, Bacon and wasabi mayo on a beef-dog. Whoa.

Best view of the city because you actually see the Empire State Building.

Cross the Williamsburg bridge into Brooklyn and you find yourself in an interesting hood. In a non-descript building that butts right up to the train track, inside a rusty door with the word ‘moto’ scrawled off to the side, is one of the coolest places I’ve ever eaten. Five Bottles of wine, three starters, French entrée’s that were better than anything I ever ate in France, Date cake, and a singer entertaining us with one hell of a voice. Good times, good folks.

Vertical Human Storage
The thing that really struck me about the place is the stackability. People on top of people on top of bars on top of subways. Places like Austin are only just now figuring out this mentality of city building whereas New York’s had a hundred years to perfect it.

A helluva city. Helluva time. Can’t wait to go back and see more. I think I could spend a month in the Lower-East side just taking pictures. Here’s what we got from this trip.

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