On the Sooners and the impending nuptials of Tim Tebow and the Fox Sports Crew…

Maybe part of its growing up in Texas, in the heady days of the Southwest Conference, but I feel like you should show a little solidarity with your region of the country. Especially with really important issues like a national championship game. In hindsight (taking into account said hindsight includes the after-effects of more than a few too many pints), after the screwing that Texas got from the BCS, It’s probably too much to ask, for folks in Austin to Pull for Oklahoma.  But just the same, I was a little shocked by the one-sidedness of the crowds last night – I guess when your teams fight song is variation of I’ve been working on the railroad, it’s a bit much to expect them to remember there not in the SEC.

Of course it could be worse. The third quarter finds me siting at the bar in the Tavern, watching yet another one of my teams self-destruct at the last minute. However, the guy next to me, the only other person in the bar wearing red, has $500 on the Sooners in a getting-less-friendly-by-the-yard wager with the bartender. The guy is at least kind enough to pour my fellow comrade-in-crimson a shot every time Florida scores.

Somewhere along the line, probably after the Sooners blow two chances to score in the red-zone (bob, you know you can kick field goals in American football right?), I realize not only am I witnessing a crap game, but if the fox sports anchors are to be believed, something very magical and special. Did you know Tim Tebow is actually the second coming of Christ, The Dali Llama and Luke Skywalker rolled into one weird-looking, home-schooled package? Fair and Balanced my ass. Of course this is all occurring in Florida, the place that gave the White House to George W Bush nine years ago – at this point, I’m wiling to except that the entire state  is actually some kind freakish reality TV show, where the unexpected can and inevitably will happen, with hilarious nation-destroying results. But I digress…

So, as expected, the team I was pulling for choked like and 80-year old emphysema patient. The only solace really is I can stop caring about sports for 8 months (with the exception of the Tour of course).

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  1. TC
    TC says:

    Ah c’mon now… it’s not THAT bad? You’ve still got Aggie basketball and baseball? And if March madness isn’t worth having a beer in a tavern over… what else is there?

    Oh, and I’m with you on Tim Tebow… his pedestal was just a little too high last night.

  2. brian
    brian says:

    wade….texas didn’t get screwed, if they would have beaten Tech then they would not have to worry about being on the outside looking in…I feel no sorow for them, the barely beat a decent ohio state.

    You guys are insane, tebow is right now one of the top 5 players ever in college football, won a national championship as a freshmen, followed that up with the hiseman as a soph, then is in three way heat to win it again and then wins a second national championship as a jr. can could come back again with a gator tem that is young. They guy had two int’s all season an then ran for over a 100 yrds and therew for almost 250. Name anyone, I mean anyone in the last 10 years that can bost his stats…http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/player/stats?playerId=183484
    maybe …maybe tommy frazier with nebrask can get close to him
    Over the top or not, his record and stats accomplishments are not matched by anyone in 20 years.

  3. wadeferd
    wadeferd says:

    I’m not feeling sorry for Texas, but the way it all ended up was a little goofy, you have to admit. nor am i doubting the guy’s numbers – but you have to admit the coverage last night was a little one-sided.

    and, dammit dude, spell check…

  4. brian I'm right pinero
    brian I'm right pinero says:

    I will not budge on the texas thing….and listen…reports out of isreal are that tim tebow has touched down in the Gaza strip…peace is coming…

  5. TC
    TC says:

    Hey, I’m no Texas Tech fan… but the only travesty I saw in College football this year was the fact that Graham Harrell was left out of the Heisman… his individual stats are mind blowing (particularly td passes and yardage). Yes, he doesn’t have the championship, and he doesn’t have the Heisman… but he also doesn’t have the talent level in Lubbock that Tebow has in Gatorville. Here’s Harrell’s stats if you want to compare… Career wise, he was definitely a better than Tebow. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/player/profile?playerId=160425

    Some would argue that Harrell’s stats are padded because of the “system” that he plays in… that may be true, but he also plays in the Big 12 south, put up 450+ yards on Texas and 350+ yards on OU. And again, he doesn’t have nearly the talent (minus Crabtree) that those two schools have…

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