Last night after a bit of a hectic evening that involved being locked out of the house and an epic superman/pole dancer bike wreck on the trails at Emma Long, we headed downtown to see a dance/performance art show at the Intel shell. For those that aren’t acquainted, this is Austin’s greatest monument to the foolishness of the dot com boom, five stories of unfinished concrete in the middle of down town that Intel left to rot when the boom went bust.

Now for three weeks this summer it’s a stage
, and a very cool one at that. I’m not usually one for dance shows, but this had people zipping an rappelling between floors, the cool cirque de sole fabric twisting dancing thing, and a woman floating from the roof down four stories to the very-hard concrete slab. A very very unique staging. The building is scheduled to be demolished later this summer to make room for the new Federal Court house (a place most of us will hope we never end up going to), so this makes one helluva send off.