As of Sunday, after 11.5 hours of standing on the accelerator as hard as i could (the panhandle is pretty damn boring), I’ve returned to the reality of going to work each morning, sleeping in a bed (as opposed to a car), warrantless-wiretapping legislation, traffic, 100 degree heat indices, and 600 un-read work emails.

In hindsight, maybe ending the roadtrip was a bad plan. I did manage to post the last few stragglers of my pictures up to the flickr account.

Oh and a side note – Thank you Texas DPS Patrolman Johnson for just slapping me with a warning on I-27. I drove 80, in the right lane the rest of the way I drove like a bat-out of hell as soon I saw you exit (your stretch of interstate is mind-blowingly boring), but you were a nice guy just the same.