Revisiting Angry Wade's

Recently my sister discovered that I have a bar in Brooklyn. Sort of. She finally got around to having a drink there yesterday –  some reports, via text message:

At 5:03 –

Drinking at Angry Wade’s – not gonna lie, it’s real shady.

At 5:05 –

But then two minutes later we got free shots of whiskey. Angry Wade’s is awesome.

And it gets better at 5:30 –

Get this – Angry Wade was married to Sweet Melissa (the name of a sweet shop, also in Brooklyn), but they got divorced and everyone here says Wade is better for it.

Yup, I’m 90% certain this bar is mine, or at the very least the Angry Wade is actually me from the future come back in time to drink whiskey in the tri-state area.

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  1. bad0wski
    bad0wski says:

    surely there is a franchising opportunity here for you or at least a life infringement lawsuit. something, this is too creepy

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