Road Trip

Tomorrow we hit the road, bound for New Mexico in the annual sojourn to get the hell out of the absurdly overheated Texas summertime. If all goes well, tomorrow night we’ll be in scenic Amarillo, and Friday morning we’ll roll in to Red River just about the time the Fourth of July parade starts.

I’ve traveled to New Mexico by car more times than I can count – from the early morning rollout in the family mini-van to last year’s solo subaru excursion. The packing, the driving out from town, making coffee by the side of the road, new-and-scenic Texas panhandle gas stations, books-on-tape, that really inserting musty small your car gets after being driven for 10 hours, and best of all, the first faint outlines of the Sangre de Cristos on the horizon as you barrel west on sub-standard New Mexican asphalt – all part of the fun.

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