Some things…

The other blog I irregularly contribute on, the austinist, has a thing called the ist-list, a quick rundown of what’s happening in the city. Well this is a short list of a different sort – a few things that are really freaking me out for a variety of reasons.

Disney Mobile
Now with the advertised feature of being able to track your children. Wow. Please tell me this weirds somebody else out. Mickey Mouse meets the babysitter meets the CIA. With a little Agent-Smith thrown in for kicks. The really scary part is, as a hypothetical parent I’d probably use such a feature.

Jesus Camps
I don’t know what’s more alarming here – nine-year olds being told they should be willing to die for Christ, or David Byrne being featured on Boing-Boing comparing these things to what the western media has told him a Madrasah is. (I’m not explaining it well – just follow the links and feel disturbed/form your own opinon).

My Lack of Knowledge About Crepes
Ok, so we went for a late lunch at Enoteca Vespaio with Ali’s folks today. Why haven’t i been previously informed, that what basically amounts to a breakfast taco, in an italian food format, covered in mushroom gravy was available for me to purchase and consume ?

How Shocked Everyone is by how hot it is…
You mean that global warming stuff is for real ? Our shortsighted-consumerist-lifestyle impacts our surroundings ? Seriously ?