Although I’m certain there are some cycnical bastards out there, Obama’s speech last night was the first thing I’ve heard from a public figure in a long time that lead me to believe we weren’t doomed as a country, a generation, a planet, etc.

Here’s hoping he’s the real deal and more so, that the Democrats don’t screw this up (soemthign they’ve really excelled at in recent years).

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  1. brian
    brian says:

    yes..it was a good speech….but he’s still a politician….like my dad said….the last time I fully believed in a politician, it was LBJ and he said he was going to get us out of Vietnam and what did he do? He dropped more bombs than any other war before. And this was the man that got the civil rights thig in place. Obama is worth a shot..( I still believe that his first 4 years will be be lost becasue of this war) but when he get’ there he has no idea nor do we how much of a mess we have in all this and change always comes much slower than it;s sold for…

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