Stagnation and Bleakness

In the new era of change and hope the GOP has a new strategy to survive as a viable party – we’re going to start calling it the brick wall theory.

In this emergency, the Republican Party’s congressional stance is: Contribute nothing. And reject everything. Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently “rejected $555 million in federal stimulus money that would expand state unemployment benefits. … Perry’s decision comes despite warnings from Texas Workforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken that the state’s unemployment compensation trust fund could be operating at a deficit by October” (Associated Press online, March 12). Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is doing the same, though his state “ranks fourth in children living below the poverty line” (The New York Times, March 11, p.WK10). South Carolina has the second highest jobless rate in the country at 10.4% (Associated Press online, March 11), but GOP Gov. Mark Sanford is rejecting elements of the stimulus and was against its passage, though it “would bring South Carolina an estimated $2 billion-3 billion” (The Economist, Feb. 14, p.38).

Mr. Ventura (a pinko commie liberal after my own heart) goes on to suppose that by completely screwing over their own constituents (white males), and then flipping the blame to the Democrats in ’10 and ’12, the GOP can retain it’s relevance as a political entity. Maybe we should actually file this under So crazy it just might work, or better yet, Yeah the American People are dumb enough to fall for that again. Although…

Deer-in-the-headlights Republicans have so many things to yell about, it’s hard to prioritize. They’re reduced to ranting about socialists and sounding not quite sane.

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  1. dad
    dad says:

    Allow me to help with your high-minded political conscience and let you send the money to me. I’ll see that it is properly tended.

  2. brian
    brian says:

    damnit poppa Treichler…I don’t want any part of you…let me berate your boy without your cross fire….I haven’t had enough time to prepare for you…

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