The very real threat of creative staleness is looming large in my life. All the websites look the same, all the blog post are pull quotes and filler video. The internet bores me. My day is spent more with spreadsheets and email – the vaunted design applications, their sad-little squares of color lying dormant on the dock, have not merrily bounced in weeks.

Maybe this is why people move towards management as they get older. The spark is faded, replaced by an inexplicable need to hold too many multi-hour meetings (something I have thus far avoided), and create an endless array of spreadsheets that explain your yearly activity in excruciating, cent-by-cent detail. And maybe the spark isn’t gone, it’s just focused on other things. The weird part is, I find myself liking it. There’s a deep underlying sense of stability there…can I make solid decisions that will benefit myself and my employer? Chances are yes. Can I consistently dream up awesome, kick ass designs while working in a creative vacuum? Spock is telling the Captain there’s low statistical chances of success on that one.

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  1. srt
    srt says:

    As I recall – not to reveal my carefully hidden geekiness – the
    captain’s usual response at those moments was: Never tell me the odds!

    And usually great adventures ensued.
    Of course, Ensign Ricky always got phasered out of existence,
    so the secret to all of this is: Go do great things…
    …and don’t be Ensign Ricky!


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