The Crest of Stupid

It is my sincere hope that this weekend will represent Peak Stupid. To borrow from Hunter S. Thompson, I hope that five years from now we’ll be able to stand on a tall hill in Maryland and look down into Washington DC and see the highwater mark where the Stupid crested before it began to recede. We need this national nightmare to stop. A federal balanced budget amendment is the stupidest, most irresponsible idea to be introduced by the leadership of a party in the history of the country. And, yet, John Boehner is forced to pretend he thinks it’s a good idea. Putting our AAA credit rating at risk is the dumbest, most reckless behavior we’ve seen since South Carolina seceded from the Union. Today, I see Jon Huntsman, a Republican candidate for the presidency, pleading with Republicans to stop pretending that climate change isn’t occurring. It was nearly 130 degrees in Iowa last week and we’re still having a debate on this?

Regardless of you opinion of the current crisis – whether its a sign of the end times, or just a potential minor hiccup in the markets, I think we can agree with these sentiments.