The Lorrain

I tend to like apartment complexes that aren’t exactly new. Preferably built after sheetrock was discovered but before the three-prong plug was introduced is ideal. A little bit of character, not one of these acres-long mega-complexes that populate former farm fields on the outskirts of our cities, like some kind of mutant crop.

The Lorrain (sadly not spelled like the song) is such a place. A bit of character, stuck on a hill above Lamar, where, if you crane your head just right, you can see the capitol dome. Unfortunately, the management that owns the Lorraine has been making some improvements to the facilities lately. Did they fix the water pressure? As anyone who’s ever bathed at my apartment knows, when the water pressure drops in shower, it’s best to quickly move out of the stream of water to avoid second degree burn from the liquid magma now issuing forth from the shower head. No, they’ve done nothing about the water pressure problems, but they did pressure wash the walkways (except they stopped  ten feet before they got to my door for some reason).Did they paint the raw plywood that makes up the cladding outside my front door? No it’s still plywood colored, but they did stain the floor in the laundry room with a lovely color of concrete stain. Well, how about the staircase that’s so unstable, I’m pretty sure I”m going to be thundering down it one day with a bike and have it collapse into a pile of splinters, my broken bones and SRAM component. Nope, no word on the stairs – we did however get a letter phrased in questionable grammar asking that we please remove all our grills from the courtyard, as they are making the place look junky. Any grill left in the courtyard would be tossed in the dumpster. Not donated to Habitat for Humanity or Goodwill, no fines or penalites, we’re just going to junk them. In response to this I filed a maintence request asking them to please remove the dumbasses from their office, perhaps placing them in the dumpster with all the BBQ grills. Last i checked it was still pending, but I bet they get to it before they fix my stairs.

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  1. b
    b says:

    well your turn at 8320 has finally come. sure you can stay for a bit while you look for a new place and go through the legal process to get your stuff back after your eviction.

  2. spam
    spam says:

    you can have scooter’s/jerm’s/rob’s/guest room… we have great water pressure and we would never throw your grill in the dumpster

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