The Plan

You people can complain about the healthcare plan, only after you’ve read all 850 pages. Only then will I entertain debate, and you better’d be able to reference section and page numbers (Thanks T. Folwer for the link).

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  1. bad0wski
    bad0wski says:

    this is the house draft. everybody knows the house gets pwn’d by the senate on all the major stuff.

    but 600 pages in and i haven’t seen the paragraph yet that says all members of congress and the white house will be required to take this pile of hammered dogshit insurance. perhaps that comes at the end. if it’s good enough for the common people why won’t they take the coverage too.

    this “Comissioner” person seems very scary. might as well call it the grim reaper job.

    it also appears that you dentist problem from a few weeks ago isn’t getting solved either.

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