State Fail

The fifth annual Failed States Index—a collaboration between The Fund for Peace, an independent research organization, and Foreign Policy is up with all manner of depressingly clickable interactive data.

Figuring out which faltering states to help depends in large part on what they need. After all, as Tolstoy might have put it, every failing state is failing in its own way. Georgia, for example, jumped 23 places in this year’s index due to a substantial spike in that elusive indicator, “Invaded by Russia.” Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are failing because their governments are chronically weak to nonexistent; Zimbabwe and Burma are failing because their governments are strong enough to choke the life out of their societies. Iraq is failing, but its trajectory may be toward greater success, while Haiti is failing as well, and it is hard to imagine success around the corner.

View the bleakness.

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  1. T. Fowler
    T. Fowler says:

    California? Texas? Do you mean “states” don’t qualify for a title they should own?

    What the hell, then. Let’s secede.

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