The Senate

Events beyond my control yesterday left me running around the Capitol for most of the morning. It’s pretty fascinating to watch the  government inaction (and no, I didn’t forget a space there). After waiting in a security line that rivaled an airport to get into the Senate Gallery, I was treated to an hour of recognitions of various high school sports teams, the recognition of NASA day, and pick-your-small-Texas-town day (the fact that they have to share with NASA would seem tot be a little galling to both parties).

After we finally escaped, I made my way int to the House of Representatives which was actually doing something in the form of a no confidence vote for TxDOT (I almost jumped the over the railing to push the  ‘yea’ buttons myself)….

A resolution was brought to the floor of the Texas House today that if passed — would have been a vote of no confidence for the Texas Department of Transportation. It was brought to the floor by Houston Rep Garnet Coleman. The final part said lawmakers and the people of Texas had lost confidence in TxDOT.

The resolution caused a bit of a stir on the floor — with lawmakers agreeing with Rep. Coleman’s sentiment — but not wanting to use such harsh language. Coleman pulled the resolution without a vote — but in a press gaggle after he said there was no question he had the votes to get it passed.

There was shouting, gavels being banged for order, the real deal. Of course nothing actually happened with it, the resolution was just brought to the floor, but hell,  at least they weren’t recognizing the dedication and contributions of Hutto High School Chess Team.

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  1. SRT
    SRT says:

    Hey – you gotta support any school where the team name is the “Hustlin’ Hippos”!



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