“These Texans are freakin crazy…

…to have a music festival when it’s this hot.”

Yes we are. But it’s not that hot (well not as hot as it could be) and you’re wearing jeans and some strange New yorker garb (sorry Kendra). Cool points will also be deducted for poor use of expletive ‘freakin.’ ?

Enjoy the balmy fields my friends, we only erect temples to music in the park once a year.

Read about life and times at the Austin City Limits Festival in the much ignored music section of the site, and see the pretty pictures here, and better pictures here.

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  1. Clarissa
    Clarissa says:

    the chicken cone is a glorious (overpriced) thing.

    buy phoenix’s latest record, "it’s never been like that."

    broken social scene is playing stubb’s on october 26. they are amazing live…magical, even. you and allison should go.

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