Two Years On

It’s been two years since Katrina turned a large swath of the gulf coast into mish–mash of gutted towns, empty foundations and broken lives. A place like America is too big to be categorized in one broad stroke – there are micro-cultures, sub units, the parts that make up the whole. Mine is clearly Texas, but we are part of the south and it physically pains me to see what’s happened, or rather what hasn’t happened over the past two years and to know it could happen here as well. To borrow an over-used phrase: the storm washed away more than just houses – it exposed the poor and the desperate living within our own borders. Two years on, they’re still there, still poor, still desperate, and we still haven’t done a damn thing differently. Working at a non-profit has led me to doubt the validity of entitlement programs, but this is just absurd.

We won the WWII, The Cold War, landed on the moon, settled an entire continent, but we can’t get our act together to help our own people.

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