TxDOT Hearts Austin

TxDOT just issued it’s spending plan for our state’s $1.2 billion road-building chuck of economic stimulus act. Despite the mess of undersized highways, half-arsed connector ramps and pot-holed streets that perpetuate some of the worst traffic in the country for a city our size, TxDOT has decided that Travis County will be getting exactly – wait for it – one project: a ramp at 183 and 290.

We can widen I-35 to six lanes in that a fantastic tourist destination Waco, or add lanes to FM50 in the vibrant city of Bryan, but god forbid we do something about the 70’s era clusterfuck that is I-35 in downtown Austin, or even, I don’t know try building a major-highway that doesn’t come to a screeching halt at a random stoplight? Instead, TxDot is going to (once again) ignore the needs of the capitol city, and build a connector ramp out in the ass-end of nowhere, I guess so the TxDOT higher-ups can get back Houston a littel bit faster. Thanks guys. I’d love to continue this rant, but I have to go get my oil changed on the northside, so I need to allow 45 minutes to get there in traffic.

Read the full report here.

If you’re bored post some other projects they might have considered in the comments. The ever-increasing number of stop-lights on 71 (on the way to the airport) come to mind. And if you’re really bored, you might ponder calling your representatives.

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  1. TC
    TC says:

    Well, it looks like they are going to “resurface” and “repair” nine other sections of road in Travis County? This includes parts of 71?

    At least Austin isn’t going to this whole go everywhere via Toll Road mentality… And you haven’t wasted a bunch of money on a train that nobody rides.

  2. unclerob
    unclerob says:

    Now Wade, let’s not forget about the glorious new bypass… surely Texas motorists will drive an extra 800 miles and gladly pay 45 bucks in toll fees to skip Austin, thereby alleviating Austin’s traffic congestion. Won’t they?

  3. wade
    wade says:

    @ TC we are actually suffering form the same toll road mentality and this will only make things worse, I Actually think that people here would ride a train if we/when we have one (cap metro ridership is pretty strong) we just get zero support from the state.

    @ Rob – The 800 mile bypass you refer to is first and only piece of the Trans-Texas Corridor debacle to be constructed – a shining testament to Rick Perry’s ineptitude.

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