Whoa Shit…

Obviously, things are not well in server land.

Update: When Moses came down off the mount (or wherever it was he got the commandments from – I’m a little fuzzy on that, and I only have one Jewish friend to verify these things and she’s busy), it turns out he left a few up on the hill (after all the were heavy, being made of stone). Among these lost commandments include – Thou shall not waste money on premium Gasoline as it doth not improve performance, Thou shall not mix vodka with diet tonic, nor nay even ever consort with fiendish diet mixers, and most importantly thou shalt always keep comprehensive, redundant back-ups of the files on your webserver (even if your hosting company claims to be doing this for you) to avoid inexplicable deletions of the entire server by unknown parties. 

In short, $75 and some lost sleep later, we are back in business.