After an epic flight (I’m pretty sure one of the last ones to get into town), including a detour to El Paso when the plane ran out of gas (seriously) we made it to Albuquerque. We thanked the airline gods that our bags arrived with us and piled into our Grandmother’s Jeep, driving hell-bent through a blizzard, towards Taos to begin our making merry, while the State Troopers shut down the Interstate in our wake. An entrance totally worthy of Indiana Jones. Launch the photo assault.

Snow is like babies – beautiful and fun to play with, but a relief to give back to it’s proper owner. Especially where the driving is concerned.


Taos has all those awesome colors that seem to get amplified by the snow. The adobe, the turquoise all amped up by the influx of frozen white-space.


I was traveling with this crazy wanna-be Russian babushka from New York….


As a side note: Denver International Airport and Frontier airlines. A combination that can only be defeated with lots of overpriced airport cocktails.



Flying home over the mountains, with the moon shining over the snow-covered plains and peaks like the gods’ own flashlight…well it makes one prone to pontificate. There’s a specialness to this place. I’ve been coming here since i was too young to remember and it never gets old. Like a subtle reset-button for the soul, that we all need and so rarely take. Even as we’ve all gotten older and spend more time at the bars as opposed to throwing rocks in the stream, it still pulls us in.



At 12:15 after a slightly belated and appropriately New Mexico-esque countdown to midnight, the band brings in the new year a little late with No Woman, No Cry, and we raise our bottles of Andre and toast…because everything is going to be alright.

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