One State Solution

If the present interdependence and the historical fact of Jewish-Palestinian coexistence guide their leaders, and if they can see beyond the horizon of the recent violence and thirst for revenge toward a long-term solution, then these two peoples will come to realize, I hope sooner rather than later, that living under one roof is the only option for a lasting peace.

From and OpEd in the New York Times witten by, of all people,  Muammar Qaddafi, the leader of Libya.

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  1. Colin H.
    Colin H. says:

    It’s a bit of a disingenuous argument. If Palestinians, and ex-resident arabs, are given full citizenship and right-of-return then Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state in a matter of decades purely because of demographic trends. Qaddafi knows this. If you support the concept of Israel as a Jewish state, you support a two-state peace solution.

    • wadeferd
      wadeferd says:

      i guess if you consider that Israel is not really a secular state – you are correct. Seems like a poor way to run a country though, one that’s going to lead to eternal strife.

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