Ok, so the amendment blocking abortion funding was stripped out for time being, but….

As written, the Senate health care bill allows taxpayer dollars, directly and indirectly, to pay for insurance plans that cover abortion,” Nelson said in a statement. “Most Nebraskans, and Americans, do not favor using public funds to cover abortion and as a result this bill shouldn’t open the door to do so.”


(Senator) Hatch argued Tuesday that the Senate proposal as originally written provides a loophole for the use of federal money to subsidize health insurance that would cover abortion. “Taxpayers should not be called upon to pay for abortion,” Hatch said.

Cool, so Senators, since you’re for allowing everybody to opt-out of  paying for anything they don’t agree with (like the aforementioned legal medical procedure),  I would like a refund for the portion of my taxes that you you used for that illegal The Iraq war you authorized back in 2002. If you need to wait till after you guys collect taxes in April, that’s cool, I know you’re a little short on cash of late.

While we’re at it, I’d also like a refund for what you spent on FEMA during hurricanes Katrina and Rita, on the Eastern European missile shield program, the secret CIA prisons, Dick Cheney’s man-sized safe and on those fancy presidential helicopters that your party signed off on. I found all these things (just to name a few) morally objectionable, and I really don’t feel comfortable with you using my tax dollars for them. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get you my Paypal info. Appreciate it.