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We will move forward in the next cycle with the current format,” said Swofford, who serves as BCS chairman. “I believe the BCS has never been healthier in its first decade.” – ESPN

Bullshit. He must not be following the same college football that I am.

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  1. darkshambo
    darkshambo says:

    I think this is a back hand slap to the big ten and the pac ten wade by mister John Swofford. He is actually from the ACC, who along with the SEC proposed the idea of a play in game after the bowls.
    How it breaks down is that FOX tv owns the rights to the Sugar, Tostios, and Orange bowl. ABC who owns the rights to the Rose bowl which pits the winner of the pac 10 against the winner of the big ten. Rights of the the games by fox ended after the 09 sseason, while ABC has the rights the rose through 2014.
    So because ABC wants to keeps the rights to the rose, we won’t get a play in or a playoff because they want to keep the money. He said this as I think, to say that they have never been healthier for dysfunction.

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