Tea Party & Vergoogle

Following the release of Google and Verizon’s controversial proposal on managing Internet traffic, which comes less than a week after the FCC abandoned efforts at a hammering out a compromise, Tea Party groups have taken a strong stance on the issue of net neutrality.

Specifically, they’re against it. (more…)

I just…I can’t…words….rage….what the hell? Instead of the Government mandating an open web that is free of tiered-content restrictions based on provider, you’re going to let the ‘free’ market decide what content you should be allowed to access, based on a payment level? Or worse yet be served specific content at a different priority level, thus severely diminishing the open access to multiple sources/viewpoints? So, freedom of speach is cool, but if I’m poor and can’t afford access I only get served a specific…. oh wait, you guys hate poor people anyhow, so this actually works in your favor. I see what you did there.

This was my favorite bit.

The Internet has never been a regulated utility and we urge you to keep it that way by rejecting so-called “Net Neutrality” regulations on the Internet and the proposed Title II reclassification.

Right, cause all those root DNS servers, backbone connections, URL naming conventions -they all magically run themselves with no government intervention or regulation.